How does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash

Hi everyone! Now I’m just remembered of a question from a friend to me. It takes a while for me to think. Because, if people believe that being an entrepreneur is cool, rich, and inspiring, so I’m not an entrepreneur yet for them. I had done a lot of many failures. I was often located in hard several times. I don’t say it harder than others, but yes, it hits me hard. I’m still learning and will always ever be.

Sometimes I feel afraid, and always be. I’m so scared of failures, and I’m fearful of rejection. I often feel bad at managing people since I have nothing to serve them.

Photo by Blake Weyland on Unsplash

I believe that when you think your job is essential for people, you have to override your fear. I have to do so. It’s not about me. It’s all about making people’s lives better. Help our customer to finish their job better. Make our team grow. It sounds cliche and naive, but it’s all my though now. It makes me always try to do my best and just try to make this product and system less-worse.

Agriculture ecosystem could be better. I hope all my farmers-friends could enjoy their new capabilities of distributing their yields to good-quality-market in cities. And I hope they can enjoy technologies as we are, in order to improve their business process and increase their wealth.

We start from a small little thing — one step for the next thousand steps. Little thing that maybe can make a better future.

In syaa Allah.

I design digital products, build business, and grow plants. I also learn to speak in different languages: JS, Swift, and Go. I’m a good student, Guru! 🙇🏻‍♂️